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Raze 2

Raze 2 Game

If playing a quick, fun online game is a hobby, then it can’t get an easier than with flash games on a browser. There are literally millions of these games ranging from mini-golf to Doom style shooters so finding a style that everyone enjoys is the strongest aspect of this type of gaming. Because these games support so many styles, certain games excel more than others. Raze 2 is one of those games. It appeals to so many online gamers because it follows the classic alien vs. human arcade shooter theme. It creates challenging situations and unique abilities and guns to give the player a different flavor every time they play.

Raze Game Online

The story behind Raze 2 is that an alien invasion has occurred and super soldiers must defend the humans. The first invasion failed however and the aliens left the humans with a deadly zombie virus. With little time to find a cure, these soldiers are once again called back to action when the aliens return to finish the job. One of the better aspects of the game is that every player can choose which side he/she want to be on. Players get to choose saving the human race or being a part of its destruction, a unique twist.

Raze 2 Game Controls

Most flash games are not very complicated and require time and patience to make it through the game. This arcade shooter is no different. Controlling the character follows basic computer game settings. WASD control the direction the character is going, SPACEBAR is jump, MOUSE controls the aim, the numbers control switch gun you have, and finally F/CTRL are ability powers. Pretty basic. In the game, you learn tricks and tips, like the double jump and using your ability powers, making it quite easy to master the controls.

Raze 2 Classic Arcade Shooter

Even though it was created in 2011 Raze 2 still seems to as popular as it was four years ago. With its classic theme and creative game play it’s easy to see why it has excelled as much as it did. Players won’t be disappointed by spending a few hours playing this classic flash game.